Seneca Impact Advisors

Seneca Impact Advisors is a specialist impact advisory and development firm, advancing innovative financial solutions to scale commercially viable nature and climate positive projects. Seneca’s aim is to mobilise private-sector capital to protect and restore nature.

Seneca was formed to bridge the financing gap between traditional conservation funding and private investment capital seeking returns. There is a growing amount of capital with a willingness to invest in nature-based projects with highly impactful and measurable outcomes, however, there have been few scalable and commercially viable projects to attract investment capital. By working with leading NGOs, governments, multilateral agencies, environmentally passionate entrepreneurs, and ESG-concerned corporates, the team at Seneca has been successfully originating and developing projects to meet the demand from funders. With enhanced public awareness about the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and resource depletion there is a significant amount of capital seeking nature and climate positive investment opportunities.

Structuring bankable projects requires knowledge of both conservation and investments. The team at Seneca combines its passion for the natural world with financial and technical expertise to help build commercially viable projects which contribute positively to the environment and society.

A Difficult Problem

Our global community is up against significant obstacles. The negative effects that are caused by the loss of biodiversity and the changes in climate are being felt by people and the environment all across the world. It is becoming more likely that natural disasters will occur, that pandemics will spread, that harsh weather conditions will worsen, and that wildlife and other species will become extinct. Agriculture, mining, and the creation of energy that are not practiced in a sustainable manner contribute to the destruction of forests, the contamination of the environment, and the excessive use of natural resources.

To maintain and advance human health and well-being, natural environments and ecosystems must be in good condition. In response to the difficulties we currently confront, a set of goals known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been formulated. Despite this, the worldwide funding shortfall for the conservation of natural resources is around 700 billion dollars.

We will never be able to close this financial gap if the only money we have access to comes from governments and charitable donations. It has been suggested by some asset managers and conservation specialists that the private sector could close more than half of this funding gap by establishing lucrative businesses with a good impact on the environment.

Integrating environmentally responsible practices and nature-based solutions into ongoing operations can enhance the business case. In order to create commercially viable conservation impact projects, we will need to collaborate with various businesses, financial institutions, and local stakeholders. Through these means, we will be able to deliver outcomes that lessen the strain placed on ecosystems, foster greater resiliency and sustainability for both people and the natural world, all while creating significant financial returns for local communities and investors.


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We are a member of the Nature Positive Forum.