Starting a bankable conservation project from scratch requires a serious commitment of time and effort. Building the various stages – from the inception of the idea, to impact assessment and financial feasibility, to raising funds and finally executing the project – requires experience and expertise, along with multi-disciplinary skills and strong stakeholder and funding relationships. This field is in its infancy, and requires both conservation and financial expertise. Seneca brings together the expertise needed to help originate, develop, and scale commercially viable conservation projects.

Once the relevant stakeholders who are directly affected by the project have been identified and consulted, the focus of our work shifts towards engaging project owners who possess adequate experience and financial stability. This is done to determine the level of commitment that can be dedicated to a specific project. We then develop a business model to evaluate financial feasibility and the funding required using grant and commercial capital. Concurrently, we also develop an assessment of the impact potential to ensure quantifiable outcomes.